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A Message to My Supporters

Over the last few weeks I have spoken with many people, shared in their personal experiences and learned many new things about our city. Almost all of them had one thing in common – a desire for change in our city. We need to steer a new course – one which will benefit all our citizens.

I can closely identify with these desires – the same ones which originally prompted me to run for mayor.

I want the citizens to know that my platform is one of us all working together as a city.  The talent and interests of the members of our community can inspire the development of projects to embrace our family-like community spirit, with the potential to also develop and promote tourism.

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Proposed Closure of Sunbury Railroad Crossings

I have not seen this issue properly addressed in the media nor at a council meeting.  This is a very important issue to be brought forward as it affects our city and surrounding communities.

Nearly 11 months after they first approached the City about railroad crossing closures, Norfolk Southern Railroad Company were back in town approximately 2 weeks ago to once more pursue this agenda.  At a meeting with Councilmen Bartello and Troup, they demanded agreement from the City to their plan to close most, if not all, crossings under the guise of cost cutting measures.

Their claim is that each railroad crossing closed will save them $250,000 in maintenance costs – against a current market valuation for this giant corporation of almost $22 billion, such figures pale into insignificance.  If these closings were to be allowed, the scenario would allow them to run their trains through Sunbury at much higher speeds than the currently allowed 20 mph.

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Rebuttal – May 2nd Daily Item

I was surprised by the response to my proposals from certain city fire officials.  I did not presume to speak on their behalf.  I stated my belief that the City must foster a closer association to support their (fire company) endeavors to keep abreast with modern technology, training, and fund-raising.

That is my core philosophy and one, which I intend to introduce to City Hall when interacting with all independent organizations and businesses within the City of Sunbury.  I shall listen to their concerns, be proactive, and assist them in an effort to facilitate appropriate solutions to achieve their objectives.

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"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." Thomas Jefferson