A Message to My Supporters

Over the last few weeks I have spoken with many people, shared in their personal experiences and learned many new things about our city. Almost all of them had one thing in common – a desire for change in our city. We need to steer a new course – one which will benefit all our citizens.

I can closely identify with these desires – the same ones which originally prompted me to run for mayor.

I want the citizens to know that my platform is one of us all working together as a city.  The talent and interests of the members of our community can inspire the development of projects to embrace our family-like community spirit, with the potential to also develop and promote tourism.

More Open and Accountable Government

A more open, public, friendly and accountable form of government is a must. I will open up city meetings by broadcasting them over the Internet so that everyone who wants to can participate. I will insure that those who come to our public meetings, and those who come at other times to express their concerns, will receive a friendly and sympathetic reception. I will never lose sight of the fact that my administration will be there to serve the citizens.

The City must be run efficiently. I will hire a qualified City Administrator to take over day-to-day running of city business (a business worth over $4 million per year), to implement systems and procedures for efficient financial management, and to carry out a full review of the operation of all city departments with the aim of improving efficiency and service to the community, and at a level which we can afford.

A clear chain of command will be established for the Police Department. Micro management is not my style. I believe that departmental heads should be left to take care of normal operations, staff discipline, promotions and such, using guidelines agreed between them and myself as Mayor and also with the City Administrator. I will work hard to find more funds to permit the hiring of a Drug Enforcement Officer and a City Detective – two positions which will do much to streamline the operation of the entire department, increase their ability to fight crime and free up other officers to better respond to the many calls they receive on a daily basis.

I will work with the City Safety Officer to insure that the Code Office develops new protocols to provide uniform, fair, and equitable enforcements of the city codes.

City Flood Wall

Our historic WPA flood wall was damaged after the 2011 tropical storm Lee and has not been repaired, despite the fact a $30,500 FEMA grant was granted to the city.  The city had been instructed to make every effort to return the damaged elements back to pre-disaster conditions incorporating the Historic nature, design, and build.  If this wall is not repaired in a timely manner, then the entire flood protection system has the potential to be decertified and flood insurance premiums could escalate and property values fall.

Rather than use the grant money to repair the wall, the present administration would rather build a new one, putting us $400,000 further into debt in the process. Why?

Every time it rains, our city streets and parking lots, and some of our basements flood. During the May 13th council meeting, John Bakowicz, City Engineer, announced that our storm water management system is inadequate. If the City is aware of this fact, why have they done nothing to make the necessary repairs? I will initiate a new study on the city drainage system with instructions to report back with proposals for a modern and more effective system.

Sunbury is in need of much attention. Our city facilities and quality of life have been allowed to decline a long way over the last 24 years. It is going to take a major effort to restore things to the way they should be, but that is no reason to delay. We must start now. It is truly time to change Sunbury.

Take the first step. Vote for me, JULIE BROSIUS, for Mayor, on Tuesday, May 21st.

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"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." Thomas Jefferson