Historical Murals to Enhance Tourism

(From the Daily Item Feb 7 2009)

What a reassurance to see other city residents feel our history should be chronicled and brought to life using our flood wall on Front Street.

Imagine the flood wall as a novel, each slab the picture of a book and the piers as the edge of a page.

The wall could be a frame-by-frame detailed motion picture of our city.

On June 23, in an e-mail to a friend, I said the city’s entire actual history should be portrayed this way from beginning to end. Indians, settlers, Fort Augusta, Bloody Spring, the railroad and the roundhouse, the Opera House (now Cole’s) all the fire companies, Thomas A. Edison’s marvel of lighting the Edison Hotel, established sections of town like Cake Town, the sheer fortune of our city being founded at the confluence of the North and West branches of the Susquehanna. Endless, priceless history!

Living History

Every year, local cemeteries portray living history. Why not a daily reminder for generations to reflect upon? And I do not mean graffiti.

It could involve the talent and vision of Shikellamy High School students developing a senior project.

We could invite local university and college art students for their artistic flair or enhance the project inviting vo-tech students to replicate pieces of the particular era for illustrative purposes.

Along a walking path, we could incorporate the history or trivia of our city.

Every year, tourists flock to European countries, enjoying their rich history while spending many dollars.

Positive progress is usually a good thing, but why don’t the Americans grasp the concept that maintaining their rich history equals tourist income?

Let’s see if other spirited community members grasp the same concept.

Julie Brosius

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