In Memory of our Veterans

Sunbury Veterans’ Memorial Park was originally dedicated in 1976 to the memory of all those brave Sunburians who have fought, and in many cases died, in the various wars which have taken place since the City’s founding in 1772. The War of Independence, the Civil War, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, are just some of the conflicts involved.

Recently, much of this park has been acquired by the “David L Persing Sports Complex”. It is just one example of a wider issue – the erosion and disappearance of historical areas and buildings, and the remodeling of streets and outdoor facilities, many of which were steeped in local traditions and culture.

I would very much like to restore part of the Park’s former area in the memory of our brave veterans, and with this in mind would like to plan for a rededication sometime in 2014. One of my first tasks, as mayor, will be to appoint a committee to turn this aim into reality.

As a long time resident of Sunbury (5th Ward) I have a consuming interest in preserving and promoting our rich history. I feel that not only will this help to foster a greater community spirit and restore a sense of pride in our city residents, it will also provide a major boost to tourism, with all the spin-offs to benefit and expand our local businesses. Local historians and the Historical Society will have an important role to play in this goal.

Sunbury is special to me. As your mayor I will work tirelessly towards my goal of restoring our city to its former glory and its pre-eminent position within the Central Susquehanna Valley.

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